The Belonging Bag

In this bag are 6 beautifully
illustrated books for infants taking them on adventures based on Jesus' teachings, including Where's Polo Neck?, Silly Sally Duck, and Spike Takes a Hike.


The Travel Bag

All aboard the glory train! The new Blazing Glory comics and books are here and ready to take you on an amazing journey. Find out how to get them and answers to the puzzles here.


The Flight Bag

The Flight Bag includes up to 3 exciting storybooks for 8-11
year olds as well as a brand new Children's Bible. Follow Penny, Oscar, and other friends on their quest for the truth.


What is Blazing Glory?

Blazing Glory is a series of resources developed by Crossed Over, a charity with one passionate aim – to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to children throughout the world.

We have lots of amazing resources available to churches and organisations to give away to children. The 3 main elements to Blazing Glory are: the Belonging Bag for 4-7 year olds, the Travel Bag for 6-9 year olds, and the Flight Bag for 8-11 year olds. Each bag contains beautifully illustrated books tailored to the age range.

To accompany the bags there are amazing teaching curriculums for Sunday Schools and Holiday Clubs, written to help children learn more about the Bible with much more coming in the future. To get hold of these fantastic resources, follow the links.


Donate to Blazing Glory


We love giving away all our resources for the purpose of evangelism. Resources that are to be used for reasons other than evangelism require a donation to cover the costs. The printing of books, bags and comics, as well as the creation of resources come through donations from trustees, friends and you.

If you’d like to contribute to Crossed Over in any way we’d be very grateful. You can do this in several ways which are detailed on our donation page. Please contact us for any more information.

Donate to Blazing Glory

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