Flight Bag

The Flight Bag

The Blazing Glory Flight Bag is a gift bag specifically designed for 8-11 year olds. It contains an exciting storybook called ’Trick or Tweet?’, a 7-in-1 Adventure Tool as well as a brand new International Children’s Bible.

The action packed follow on books ‘#Selfies’ and ‘What’s ‘APPening?’ are now printed and ready to order in addition to the Flight Bag.


Trick or Tweet?

Swooping into the Camp of Life, six excited feathered companions meet up to receive instructions for a life-changing journey from the mysterious Master. On their travels they will unlock hidden secrets and make new discoveries about themselves and the world around them.

Will they soar to freedom and the heights of Blazing Glory with Devine the dove, or will they be tricked and snared by the evil genius Vermont the vulture and his vile assistants?

Six friends, two paths… but only one way. With your manual and compass to guide you, join them in the drama, adventures, perils and joys that lie ahead…

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The Blazing Glory Flight Bag contains the first book in the trilogy ‘Trick or Tweet?’, which is for ages 8 years old upwards, with a message for all children about Jesus and being a Christian, so be sure you begin your exciting Flight Bag Journey reading this.

Then readers who are 10 years or older can travel in time with the follow-on fictional books ‘#Selfies’ and then ‘What’s ‘APPening?’, by ordering them alongside or after receiving the Blazing Glory Flight Bag. These stories are based on challenging events prophesied in the final chapter of the best-selling book of all time; the Bible.

In the these final two books the older children can discover the truths of the return of history’s biggest world changer; Jesus Christ. It is recommended children are able to then explore the meaning of the prophesy and ancient texts, these fictional books refer to, with people who can care for them in the local church or Christian organisation.



The Master is about to return to earth but no-one knows exactly when. Everyone needs to be prepared for his arrival. Our feathered heroes, Oscar and Penny, under the command of Devine the dove, embark on a dangerous mission to warn others of the days ahead and the fate that awaits them.

Everyone has a choice – to watch and wait for the Master and to turn their eyes to Blazing Glory, or to follow Vermont the vulture and his evil Stalkers.

The battle is on for the hearts and minds of the inhabitants of the world. Everyone must decide for themselves – whether to become a wise High Flyer or a foolish Selfie…

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What’s ‘APPening?

‘What’s ‘APPening?’ is the final book in the exciting Blazing Glory trilogy. Based on events in the book of Revelation, the final battle between good and evil takes place between the Master and Vermont the vulture.

Those who have followed the Master on the earth and been faithful to him find honour and blessing in Blazing Glory, the forever kingdom, while those who have chosen to ignore him are kept from enjoying an eternity with the King.

At the heart of this challenging and ultimately reassuring story we get a glimpse of the showcase, the most amazing treasure of all: Jesus’s people, the Church that he gave his life for.

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International Children’s Bible

This can be ordered as part of Flight Bag when being used for outreach children’s and family work.

The International Children’s Bible gives you an authentic Bible translated from the original texts, specifically for children aged 6 to 12. Unlike many children’s Bibles this is not an adult Bible repackaged for children. Written in British English, it is a new translation that uses words and phrases the children use and understand so that it can be read and the meaning grasped by children.

This Bible is a delight to read or to read aloud to your children.


7-in-1 Adventure Tool

Inside the Blazing Glory Travel Bag and Flight Bag is a fantastic, bright orange 7-in-1 adventure toy to excite the children in their reading adventure, along with supporting the characters in each of the books. Discover the fun of a whistle, compass, thermometer, magnifier, torch, mirror and a secret compartment to keep safe their seed of faith.

Don’t start reading without one…