Belonging Bag

The Belonging Bag

We have 6 fantastic books included in the Belonging Bag. They are exciting Christian stories for children between 4-7 years old based on parables taught by Jesus. The books may be also ordered individually.


The Tale of Woolly Jumper

Join a bunch of friendly, furry creatures and follow the exciting adventures of Woolly Jumper, a lamb with attitude. Will he go his own way or will he return safely to the flock? Read on to find out…

A beautifully illustrated story for young children, gripping yet ultimately reassuring, based on Psalm 23: ‘The Lord is my Shepherd’.
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Where’s Polo Neck?

Polo Neck is a lamb with a difference. An unfortunate incident leads to him standing out way above the rest of the flock. Then one day, fed up with the same old surroundings, he decides to check out whether the grass really is greener on the other side…

Based on Jesus’ parable ‘The Lost Sheep’, this tale is humorous and also has an important message: God loves each one of us.

He will go to great lengths to pursue even one of His children that goes astray, and He celebrates when they are found.

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Starvin’ Marvin’s Big Day Out

Marvin and his siblings are hungry, no, let’s make that starvin’! They can’t get enough to eat. One day the Lion of Judah comes to town and the cubs head over there, glad to take their minds off their rumbling tummies and excited to meet the great King.

The bigger, tougher lions give the younger ones a hard time as they try to get close to their hero. However, Marvin learns a special lesson that day – the King has a special love for little ones: “Let the little children come to me…” (Matthew 19 v 13-15)

He also learns that the way to truly satisfy his hunger is to feast on the Word of the King.
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Silly Sally Duck

A group of ducklings head off to school to learn some valuable life lessons.

Silly Sally doesn’t listen to her teacher and prefers to quack about and jump in puddles. Her friend, Chuck, works hard and reads his Bible. Upon graduating and going out into the big wide world, Sally gets herself in a terrible flap but Chuck sets off on the right webbed foot…

Based on the parable of the wise and foolish builders in Matthew 7:24-27, this delightful story sets out two choices: either to go your own way and build on the sand or to listen to Jesus’ teaching and build on the rock.

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Spike Takes a Hike

Spike, a cheeky young hedgehog, thinks he knows it all. With a nose for adventure, he sets off alone from home one night to go and have some fun.

It’s not long before he runs into a spot of bother with some not-so-friendly creatures he meets along the way. Will poor Spike be left curled up in a ball at the roadside, ignored by those who scuttle past, or will a friendly helper scurry to his rescue?

The parable of the Good Samaritan is at the heart of this engaging and heartwarming story which teaches young children to consider who their neighbour really is, and to follow Jesus’ command to love one another.

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Oh No, It’s Cheeky Chops!

Cheeky Chops is a wilful little lamb who lives up to his name. He tries to run circles around his master, the Shepherd, ignoring his call and his loving instructions.

Teaming up with Red the squirrel, he becomes even bolder. But rather than finding freedom in doing things their own way, the headstrong duo end up getting themselves into a few scrapes.

This whimsical tale of misadventure teaches young children the benefits of following Jesus, the Good Shepherd, showing that his way is the best and only way.
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